Abbie Connelly

My name is Abbie Connelly.  I am native to Kansas City.  I grew up in
Raytown, MO, with my parents and four sisters.  We are all very close and
all still live in the area.  I graduated from University of
Missouri-Columbia, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science-Nursing.  During my
time at MU I was involved with the Dance Marathon that benefited Children’s
Miracle Network.  After graduating, I had my son Dillon, he is almost 14
years old now! I have a husband, Bruce Garner, who luckily is just as giving
as I am.  I went on to work at University of Kansas Hospital as a nurse and
worked in various ares.  A few years back, I chose to stay home and finish
my Master’s Degree in Nursing at the University of Kansas.  Since finishing,
I have been involved in helping out various charities around the city that
are near and dear to my heart.  I was the NBP Dancer for 2018 Dancing with
the Stars event and was able to help raise lots of funds including $26,000
for NBP.  Some of the the other charities I am involved with or donate my
time or money to are: Shadow Buddies, Bright Futures Fund, St. Michael
Catholic Church, and VarietyKC.

The Why:

I love being a part of Noah’s Bandage Project Board of Directors because
children’s health is near and dear to my heart as a mother and a nurse.
When I met Scott and Deb I couldn’t help but feel a connection and need to
do more for our kids.  I love the group that has been established and can’t
believe how much has been accomplished since its inception with Noah just
collecting colorful bandages in the toy tub.