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Noah’s Friends

Noah has many friends, and that includes all of you!  However, there are certain individuals and groups that have really stood out in their support, and we wanted to highlight those folks as a special thank you!

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My Job Chart has been an integral part of getting Noah’s Bandage Project off the ground. Without the tremendous efforts and strategic guidance of Gregg Murset and his team, Noah’s project would not be where it is today. Check out My Job Chart, where kids, work and reward click!

CMH Logo

Children’s Mercy Hospital is where Noah is being treated. Under the medical supervision of Dr. Erin Guest and her Nurse Practitioner, Paige Johnson, Noah is receiving incredible care. Children’s Mercy is nationally ranked as one of the best Children’s Hospitals in the US. Check them out!

Cheesecake Factory Logo

The Cheesecake Factory – John Winder and his staff at the Thousand Oaks location in California held a Noah’s Bandage Project fundraiser after hearing about his project on the news. The result was a generous amount of bandages and a financial donation that will go a long way in helping get fun bandages to more kids. The Cheesecake Factory corporate office stepped in as well. What incredible friends!

Ursuline Logo

Ursuline Academy – Delaware – The first grade class at Ursuline Academy, lead by their teacher Josephine Mangano, used Noah’s Bandage Project as their yearly “We Shall Serve” project. By offering a dress down day and making some really cool signs, the class collected 208 boxes of bandages (which were donated to the local children’s hospital) and $200 in financial gifts. These kids are the same age as Noah, and making a difference!


Our Lady of Hope Catholic School – The students and faculty at OLOH have been great advocates of Noah’s Bandage Project. Their efforts helped collect a huge number of bandage boxes, all of which have been shared with kids around numerous communities. Noah was born into this parish in Potomac Falls, VA, and was baptized by Fr. Saunders.

Brotherhood for Children Logo

Brotherhood for Children KC – Brotherhood for Children has helped Noah collect over 800 boxes of bandages, and continues to share his message as they do their own awesome work in the community. Check them out here:

Newtown Kindness Logo

Newtown Kindness – Newtown Kindness is an organization that recognizes kids for doing kind things. Founded in honor of Charlotte Bacon, this organization has helped spread the message across the world to Think Kindly, Act Boldy! Noah was a recent recipient of their Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award. Check them out here:

Victory Project Logo

The Victory Project – The Victory Project is a an initiative from MLS team Sporting KC that unites players, staff and fans to help children thrive through life’s challenges. Noah was a recipient of their Victory Suite package, where he got to watch pre-game warm up’s from the bench, meet the players, and watch the game from the best seat in the house! Their recent donation of $1000 will help get a TON of bandages to kids in need.

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