Noah’s Bandage Project – How It Started

Noah’s Bandage Project has two goals – 1) to help provide cool and fun bandages to kids that need them, and 2) to help raise funds for pediatric cancer research

As a cancer patient, Noah Wilson quickly discovered that a bandage is a pretty significant thing.  The hospital he was at did not have the cool, fun ones….just the boring brown ones.  So, in typical Noah fashion, he figured out a really neat and simple way of helping his fellow patients.  Collecting cool, fun bandages!!

He thought, ‘Why don’t we ask if people would help me collect the fun bandages so that hospitals could have more cool and fun ones for more kids?’  Simple enough, right!?  So, driven by his new task, Noah created his first sign, got his first tub for collecting bandages, and got to work. Little did he know how big this idea would become.

Through Noah’s efforts, his bandage project has helped hospital administrators see the need and importance of increasing their supply of these cool and fun bandages for kids. He’s already helped to provide thousands of bandages to hospitals that were in short supply. These bandages have also been given to families to take home, free of charge!  He also realized that these bandages could go to places other than hospitals as well, and has helped provide bandages to many organizations that support kids. With numerous TV, newspaper, magazine, and online interviews and mentions of Noah’s Bandage Project, his simple, yet pure hearted message of wanting to help kids like him have a little more fun in their lives has reached farther than any initially thought was possible. Noah also learned that when it comes to funding cancer research for kids, there is very little support.  In fact, only 4% of our national cancer research budget goes to kids…4%!!  So, Noah wanted to help in this area too, and takes money that is donated to his project and turns it into grants for pediatric cancer research…almost a million dollars so far!!

Would you like to help put a smile on a child’s face? Whether you know a child suffering from cancer or not, we would welcome you to host your own bandage drive, or help us provide HOPE to kids by making a financial donation today!