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Noah & His Bandage Project


Noah Wilson was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2014. Initially, he had begun complaining about a pain in his back, and the pain got progressively worse. His parents took him to the hospital where eventually it was discovered that he had Ewing Sarcoma, and the tumor had attached to his spine. Being just 6 years old it was quite a shock to him, his family, and all of his friends. The young Wilson family knew that their lives would look very different from now on.

Noah endured countless test, procedures, surgeries, chemo treatments, and much more – yet managed to do so without ever losing his sense of joy. He had to learn what it means to live part of his life in a hospital room, to lose his hair, and to lose some of the freedoms that other kids his age get to enjoy. However, Noah did not let his circumstances define him. With a maturity far beyond his years, Noah turned his illness into an opportunity to help other kids like him, and turned his pain into a way to bring smiles to others.

Noah passed away in June of 2015, but not before starting his Bandage Project and making a huge difference in the world.  In honor of Noah and his legacy, Noah’s Bandage Project continues, and will continue to help kids all across the globe.


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