Help Noah get colorful, fun bandages to kids that need them and raise funds for pediatric cancer research

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How you can Help?

Noah Bandage Project after 1 week

Since hospitals have so many expenses already, Noah’s Bandage Project helps to supplement the bandage expenses so that hospitals can have a large variety of fun and colorful bandages, as well as offer the opportunity for families to take boxes home with them.

How does it work?

Noah’s Bandage Project accepts donations from supporters like you, and in turn uses that money to make donations to hospitals to be specifically used toward the purchase of “kid approved” bandages for their young patients.

Can we just send boxes of bandages?

Unfortunately, since bandages are considered a medical supply, it is difficult for hospitals to accept the actual bandages as donations. However, since hospitals can order their supplies with much higher quantities than the average helper, each dollar donated can be used to buy more fun bandages than it could otherwise in the typical store.


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