Duffy visits Prairie Center

As a way to increase school participation for the 4th Annual Noah’s Crown Town 5K, Danny Duffy promised to visit the school with the most registered racers. He kept that promise and visited Prairie Center Elementary, who had 178 people register! PC was the elementary school Noah attended and the graduating 5th graders were Noah’s own class!

The fun morning surprise included a thank you from Noah’s parents for the support and participation followed by the big surprising reveal of Danny! Students participated in some fun and friendly competition games, posed for pictures with Danny and all received hugs and high fives as they headed back to class.

The 5th grade class took a picture with Danny who can be seen holding “A Monkey in My Seat”. This very monkey used to sit in Noah’s chair when he would be absent from school due to hospital stays.

Thank you to Prairie Center Elementary and all of Olathe Public Schools for continuing to be so supportive of Noah’s mission. From the annual bandage drives, to massive participation in our 5K, so letting us host label events and store bandages in your building, we are so grateful!