Submit your 1 Thing today!

Noah’s Bandage Project understands wholeheartedly that different people have different ways they are able to lend help and support the cause. There isn’t just one way to help – Rather, everyone has their own one best way they can make a difference. That’s why for this Noah’s November, we are asking everyone to ask themselves one question:

“What’s my one thing?”


Is your #1Thing to help spread Awareness by sharing the mission of Noah’s Bandage Project with your friends and family?
Or, is your #1Thing to lend Support by helping with a bandage drive?
Maybe, your #1Thing is to bring Hope by making a donation to support pediatric cancer research.


Whatever your one thing is, we hope you know it only takes one thing to make all the difference!

Tell us what your one thing is! We’d love to hear how you plan to get involved this Noah’s November by filling out the form below.